5 Stars Moving are ready to help with the projects around your house, such as :


- Renovation

   When you have new carpet or floor installed or you need to paint the walls in your home, call us and we will be glad to help you move the items to another room, garage or portable storage container (POD) outside while work is being done to the home. When the work is complete, our movers will bring everything back and put where it belongs.


 - Furniture moving

   Whether you buy new furniture or need to get rid of the old stuff, we do it all. While a lot of delivery services usually require the items to be on the ground level or outside of the home, we can take over from there, placing the new furniture into the correct rooms. Also when you're preparing to sell your home we can help to move the furniture and boxes to different places within the home, garage or POD.


 - Rearranging and organizing

   Want to move a sofa from the living room to the family room? Or swap bedroom suites between two bedrooms? Whatever the scenario, our movers are ready to help move furniture around your home.


 - Eviction clean out

   You've been granted the ability to evict your tenant and now everything needs to be moved out of the home. Whether to a dumpster or the curb, our movers can help.


 - Single item movement

   If you have an item that you sold to someone or you want to get rid of it and it ’s too heavy to move. Our professionals can handle the heavy lifting.


 - Apartment to apartment move

   If you moving from one apartment to another within the same building or apartment complex


Special fitting

   If you cant’ fit one of you massive furniture pieces through doorways, stairs, and stairways narrow hallway. We evaluate the problem, diagnose the underlying issue, and resolve the matter simply by completing the reassembly or repair of the furniture in question, and we do so on the spot, in real time.

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